Discover the power
of inquiry

Ever felt that there’s more to life than what you’ve already discovered?

Inquiry is a profound way to engage and enhance your personal development and explore your truth. It is as valuable for a first time explorer, as for a veteran of the inner world. 

The ocean of your inner potential is vaster than you can imagine.

What’s inquiry?

Inquiry is a transformative practice for personal development. It has elements similar to mindfulness, journaling, psychological exploration and coaching, but in a single, powerful practice.   

To inquire is to dive in to your immediate experience like a diver exploring a reef. You feel and discover what’s really happening, and you’re transformed by what you discover.

Inquiry exposes your barriers and limitations, opening up the natural next step on your own journey, at whatever stage you happen to be.

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Discover the Practice of inquiry

Introductory sessions

Dive-In with Dom is a monthly, free forum on inquiry, hosted by Dom Liber, author of Diving in the Inner Ocean.

Newcomers can dive in to get a real-life feel for inquiry, and experienced inquirers can refine and deepen their practice.

There’s usually a brief introductory talk, some guided practice to dive in and inquire, and a chance to ask questions and explore further.

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Get a glimpse of your inner ocean

Dive Deeper

Read the book

“In simple and easy steps, Dominic invites us to befriend our experience and to gently explore it through to its underlying meanings, coming to depths we have not contemplated and places we have not known in us.”

“Excellent… essential for those new to inquiry.”

“A brilliant, welcoming gift.”


Diving in the Inner Ocean is the first simple and practical guide to this profound practice, for a mainstream audience.

It presents essential concepts and practical exercises, pointing the way to unforeseen potentials in a relatable and accessible way. You’ll explore more of the ocean of your inner world and develop your capacity, focus and understanding.

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How to Dive-in?


Learn about inquiry and your inner world by reading, watching and listening to materials from our growing library. Understand and explore the core techniques of inquiry, and see how inquiry combines with other practices.


Discover how to inquire, and gradually deepen your practice with our growing library of talks and videos. Try out meditation and sensing exercises to boost your focus and concentration – the core capacities that sustain your inquiry practice.


Join our growing global community to connect with fellow inquirers from around the world, sign up for live courses and events, and get the support that you need to sustain your inquiry practice.

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