What’s Dive-in?

Dive-in is a resource for anyone who wants to learn inquiry for effective and powerful personal development. This includes students of the Diamond Approach, and people from all other walks of life. It begins with the approach outlined in the book Diving in the Inner Ocean by Dominic Liber.  

You’ll find a Learn library to watch or read and learn about inquiry and related topics, a Practise library to take you from sitting on the proverbial beach reading about inquiry, to diving in and actually engaging the practice. And there are ways to Connect with fellow inquirers, teachers and courses.

What is inquiry?

Inquiry is a personal development practice, a profound life skill, in which you become aware of, and in touch with, your experience in the present moment, and actively explore what you find with friendly curiosity.

By strengthening your ability to stay in direct, immediate contact with your experience, you’ll start to feel and discover elements of yourself that you haven’t recognised before. By exploring what you find, you come to know and understand yourself better.

This knowledge transforms your experience – exposing and transforming internal obstacles and misunderstandings and bringing you closer to your human potential. It opens up a path of effective personal development and unfoldment.

For a quick introduction to inquiry, download a sample of the book Diving in the Inner Ocean by Dominic Liber, or join Dive-In with Dom, a free monthly introductory session.


The origins of inquiry

Inquiry into one’s experience of truth is a fundamental human capacity, and an age-old practice used in various traditions. The inquiry taught here uniquely spans life circumstances, the familiar experiences of thoughts, emotions and bodily sensations, and the deeper phenomenological felt sense of experience.

It is the central practice of the Diamond Approach®, a contemporary spiritual path that originated through A.H. Almaas and Karen Johnson and the Ridhwan School, where it is referred to as Diamond Inquiry®. It is also used elsewhere, and inquiry in various forms is used in other schools and approaches to personal inner work.


The inner world and mental health

Inquiry involves exploring your inner world. This will bring you in touch with your emotional life, and at times will bring up your history. This may potentially include any past traumatic experience. If you have mental health concerns, consult your care professional before you go diving. Inquiry is a practice of discovering and exploring what is present in your psyche, but it is not therapy of any kind, nor a replacement for therapy.

Dominic Liber

Dom is a writer and Diamond Approach and inquiry teacher. A former actuary and social impact investor, Dom now works entirely in inquiry-based personal development. He writes and teaches about inquiry globally, and works with Diamond Approach groups in the UK and South Africa.

He’s passionate about making the extraordinary practice of inquiry accessible to a wider audience including to people who might not think of themselves as spiritual in any usual sense of the word. He is offering Dive-in as one way of doing this.

"On a daily basis, I experience inquiry as a doorway to an incredible ongoing journey for myself and those I teach."
Dom Liber, Author of Diving in the inner ocean