April 2023 Meeting – Inquiry and Psychology

In this Dive-In with Dom, we look at psychology (and the many ‘talking therapies’ that have emerged from it). We see how inquiry complements many of the mainstream modes of therapy, and how it helps you dive deeper to explore your whole self.

The intersection of inquiry and psychology

At first glance, inquiry might seem similar to psychotherapy, and the various adjacent psychologically based modalities. Like many forms of therapy, it’s a ‘talking approach’. And it traverses many of the psychological elements of our inner experience – from the superego and defence mechanisms, to object relations and the impressions from our formative years.

And there are some key differences worth seeing. Inquiry’s orientation towards our immediate conscious experience is one, as is the absence of any intention or goal to fix or cure. Inquiry incorporates the phenomenological dimensions of experience in a way that goes beyond most psychological frameworks.

This Dive-In with Dom, explores how inquiry complements and differs from conventional psychological approaches. As always, after a short talk, we do a short exercise, and you have the chance to ask questions about what’s emerged for you

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