August 2023 Meeting – Diving out of Your Depth

In August’s session, we explored what to do when you find that you’re diving out of your depth. As your inquiry expands, you could awaken all sorts of creatures from the deep. Some of these can be challenging!

  • Perhaps some very difficult traumatic event from your past comes bubbling into your consciousness.
  • You might feel so joyful and free that you don’t care about carrying on with your work and your responsibilities.
  • It might seem like a giant squid of depression has seized you in its arms and carried you down into the depths.
  • Or perhaps your familiar sense of self disappears leaving you feeling disoriented and unsure of how to live your life.

Also in this session, we saw what makes the difference between getting dumped by the waves of your inner ocean in a way that can be scary and counterproductive, and engaging a challenging experience in a way that brings growth and expansion.

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