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Diving in the Inner Ocean by Dominic Liber is a friendly and practical guide to the practice of inquiry. In a fresh and relatable way, Dom compares exploring your inner world to scuba diving in the ocean. The metaphor makes essential concepts and even subtle elements of the practice easily accessible. The book starts with the basics on the proverbial beach, and ventures into the nuances and depths of the inner world. There are plenty of practical exercises to try things out and develop your skill step by step.

The book is an effective introduction for beginners and a valuable reference for those wanting to deepen their inquiry practice. It’s a great help for students of the Diamond Approach, and equally for those from any walk of life or approach to personal development or spirituality who want to discover themselves more fully.


Diving in the inner ocean

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Diving in the Inner Ocean is an effective and practical introduction to the practice of inquiry – everything that you need to get started.