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Dive-In with Dom

Dive-In with Dom is a free monthly introduction to inquiry hosted by Dominic Liber, author of Diving in the Inner Ocean. It is open to everyone who’s signed up to the mailing list and the link is emailed each newsletter.

It’s a unique forum to get into the nuts and bolts of inquiry practice. Newcomers can get a feel for the process of inquiry and more experienced inquirers can deepen their practice and bring more technical questions.

Each session includes a brief introductory talk, a guided inquiry, often an exercise, and always a chance to ask questions.

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Pride in finding your inner truth
18:30 - 20:00 UK Time

Dive-In Inquiry Courses

Our online inquiry course, ‘Part 1: Mindful Inquiry’, comprises:

  • Six recorded classes, with exercises and teachings by Dom.
  • Five free vouchers to attend our live inquiry classes with a teacher and hone your inquiry skills.
  • The opportunity to practise with others, and to learn from each other.
  • Resources and course materials for you to explore and engage in your own time, and to refer back to in future.
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