December 2021 meeting: Describing your experience

In our December 2021 meeting, we explore how inquiry uniquely combines the depth and immediacy we associate with meditation, with the clarity that comes from talking approaches like coaching or psychology.

This clip starts with a guided sensing practice, with a emphasis on recognising and describing what is arising, which is connected with the topic of the session, and is not usually part of the sensing practice.

Then, I give a brief talk on recognition and articulation of the immediacy of experience. If you’d like to skip ahead to this portion of the video, feel free to navigate using the YouTube chapter markers.

Attending our monthly meetings in person

The above clip includes only the short guided practice and talk – the first half of our meeting before we open the forum for questions and comments.

Feel free to join us each month, for the full, live session.

More about the Dive-In with Dom series

Each month has its own theme addressing a different element or nuance of inquiry. And you can be sure that each session will include:

  • Orientation – an introduction to inquiry that combines teaching of the basics with some live practice.
  • Guided inquiry – the opportunity to inquire yourself, and to witness others inquiring into what’s naturally emerging in their experience.
  • The first steps towards a profound life skill – support that will help you get to know and understand yourself better, discover the freedom and satisfaction of being more real and true, and learn how to explore your everyday life experience to find what’s truly needed to meet it.

How to attend

We send a Zoom link to all members of the Dive-In community about a week before each event.

If you aren’t yet on the list, and would like to attend the next Dive-In With Dom session, be sure to subscribe to our mailing list.