Transform your Mindfulness Practice with Inquiry

  • Become more open and curious about your inner world.
  • Reduce your need to battle unwelcome thoughts, feelings and sensations.
  • Boost your chances of finding stillness, peace and deep authenticity.

Mindfulness is hard

If you’ve ever tried to meditate before, you’ll know that those fleeting moments of stillness are wonderful, but rare.

What starts as an invitation to be present, to be here now – focused on the present moment in a state of calm acceptance of your feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations – can turn into exactly the opposite.

That’s because mindfulness naturally takes you deeper into yourself, revealing layers of reactivity and resistance that you may not be aware of in your everyday life. It’s normal to sit on your meditation cushion, expecting stillness, only to find a cacophony!

So, you come for a moment of stillness, only to end up in a struggle with yourself.

And rather than achieving inner peace, you find yourself fighting your experience, trying to ignore what’s arising, silencing yourself, or beating yourself up for being a bad meditator!

Not exactly peaceful.

How can inquiry transform your mindfulness practice?

Inquiry involves exploring your inner world – talking about what’s unfolding for you, in real time, as it happens.

The openness at its heart is a doorway to personal transformation. By learning to be open, and exploring whatever emerges in your consciousness, you build capacities and skills that can transform your mindfulness practice, especially if you’re battling reactivity, resistance or a busy mind.

So, after meditating, you can take some time to explore whatever thoughts, feelings and sensations arose for you. Even if you find resistance, inquiry invites you to get curious about that.

This dynamic exploration and articulation of your experience creates a precise understanding of what’s going on for you. You start seeing exactly what’s arising, why it’s happening, and how it affects you.

And this kind of insight naturally discharges reactivity and resistance, leaving you in a more peaceful state… by allowing and exploring whatever’s arising in you, with curiosity and friendly interest, you’ll have a far greater chance of achieving inner stillness when you return to your meditation cushion.

Meet your instructor, Dominic Liber

Dom is a Diamond Approach teacher and author of Diving in the Inner Ocean, the definitive introduction to the practice of inquiry.

He’s worked with students around the world, teaching the profound and life-changing practice of inquiry, and now, he’s recorded that teaching into an online course, Dive-In 1: Mindful Inquiry.

Along the way, he’s worked with many people from a mindfulness background, helping them to integrate inquiry with their mindfulness practice.

Mindful Inquiry

Now available as an on-demand course

How to get started?

1. Buy the course.

Learn the basics of inquiry at your own pace. Dive-In 1: Mindful Inquiry includes a series of 6 in-depth videos – over 7 hours of rich content to watch on demand.

2. Start inquiring.

Try out the sensing practices and exercises for yourself. Each lesson has a practical exercise and an easy homework assignment to help you bring inquiry into your everyday life. 

3. Hone your skills at Dive-In Live

The real magic lies in doing inquiry with others, so we’ve includes five LIVE sessions that you can book and attend, for FREE. Each class is hosted by an experienced inquiry teacher, so you’ll have the chance to inquire with others, and the opportunity to work directly with a teacher. 

How does inquiry work?

The power of friendly interest

Inquiry invites you to approach your inner world with friendly interest. 

You’ll learn to engage with, and understand, the contents of whatever’s arising in your inner world – with curiosity, and without judgment. 

The posture of inquiry is one of openness and allowing. So after your meditation, you can take some time to explore whatever thoughts, feelings and sensations arose for you. Even if you find resistance, you’re invited to explore that. 

You’re encouraged to welcome whatever’s happening for you, and to express what you find. This act of verbalising your experience is similar to therapy, but more focused on the present moment – on whatever’s arising in your experience, right now. 

This open and immediate exploration allows you to go deeper into your experience, creating a richer and more precise understanding. 

As you metabolise your experience in this way, you naturally  develop a deeper understanding of your inner world. 

Reframing barriers to mindfulness

The openness at the heart of inquiry truly is a doorway to personal transformation.

It can seem scary and counterintuitive to welcome parts of yourself that you’re convinced are holding you back. It’s not always easy to allow them, especially when they may have caused you suffering in the past. 

Yet this is exactly how inquiry reframes your barriers to mindfulness. 

With inquiry, what once held you back and kept you from experiencing stillness, can now be seen as a series of invitations to explore your inner world. 

Inquiry invites all of you into the fold. It views everything in your experience as an invitation to understanding. 

Absolutely everything in your experience is valid, welcome, and worthy of exploration.

And as you digest your experience in this way, exploring and understanding more about yourself, it stands to reason that you will land in a place of wholeness, peace and deep authenticity. 

That’s a great place to be, in your mindfulness journey and in your life.

What's in the course?

Part 1: Mindful Inquiry

Introducing the course

How do you know if you’re stuck?

Do any of these common patterns seem familiar? 

  • You’re feeling cut off from your depth. There’s no magic or delight in your inner world. You have a deep longing for more, which you sense is there inside you, if you could just regain contact. 
  • You’re confused and frustrated – unclear about how to create the space needed to start meditating. You feel pressure to pretend that you’re getting something from this, when in reality, you’re just sitting there in a muddle.
  • You’re frazzled and stressed out. Your nervous system is always overstimulated. Moments of quiet reflection feel disturbing, even threatening to you. Your temptation is to slide off into sleepiness, or stir up adrenaline and drama – anything to avoid this stillness. 
  • You’ve spent years on the meditation cushion, stuck in a heartbreaking struggle with the same old issues, all while believing that this is mindfulness. Seeing this pattern, and how you could have avoided such a waste of time and potential, can stir up profound personal grief.
  • You heard somewhere how important self-compassion is, and now you’re applying that to whatever emerges, only to find yourself trapped in a pattern of ruinous empathy. All this compassion, without clarity and understanding, leaves you feeling unsatisfied and somehow deficient.

What are your main barriers to mindfulness?

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What’s included?

Dive-In 1: Mindful Inquiry is available immediately for only £100. 

When you enrol, you’ll get:

  • 6 on-demand video lessons, complete with sensing practices, exercises and homework that you can bring to our live classes. You can review these teachings anytime.
  • FREE vouchers to attend 5 sessions of Dive-In Live, our weekly inquiry class with experienced inquiry teachers, and fellow inquirers from around the world. These sessions are valued at £20 each (so total value is £100)!
  • A 14-day money-back guarantee. If for any reason you decide that this course is not for you, just let us know within a fortnight, and we’ll issue a full refund. (Note: you will no longer be able to attend our live classes for free.)

What you’ll get from this course

By combining in-depth teaching with live community and teacher interaction, this course offers you an effective and practical introduction to the practice of inquiry that includes:

  1. Key concepts and orientation.
    You’ll learn what inquiry is, and how it is different from and complementary to other inner practices ranging from meditation to coaching, journaling to therapy.
  2. Experiential preparation and engagement.
    You’ll discover how it feels to inquire, how to start bringing an attitude of friendly interest to your everyday experience, and what stops and limits that warm curiosity.
  3. Practical techniques to build your capacity for inquiry.
    You’ll learn how to cultivate a clear focus on your experience, a greater in-touchness with yourself, and a capacity to recognise and describe what emerges with precision.
  4. Essential support.
    You’ll have the practical support and guidance of an experienced inquiry teacher, and the chance to inquire with others.
  5. Connection to a vibrant community.
    You’ll be able to connect with others learning inquiry, from around the world.

Proven effectiveness

We asked previous course participants for a self-assessment of their inquiry skill before and after this course.

Self-reported improvement in inquiry skills, at all levels of experience

  • Beginners to inquiry who rated themselves 1 to 2 out of 10 at the start of the course, felt capable at the end, giving themselves an average of 5.5
  • Capable inquirers who rated themselves 5 to 6 at the start, improved all the way to an advanced score of nearly 8


Dive-In Course

What people say about Dive-In

“Thank you for such a clear, profound series. This has revolutionised my meditation practice, enabling me to go much deeper. I have yet to emerge from a session without new insights or greater clarity. I’ve registered to the course a few times, and each time I learn something more. Thank you!”

– Maria, United Kingdom

“I am so grateful for this course. I teach mindfulness and have felt like something was missing for a long time. Inquiry is exactly what I needed to add.”

– Victoria, Hawaii, USA

“This is a wonderful process/practice for getting deeper in touch with what’s occurring in the self that is being overlooked or disallowed. It’s a wonderful way to become more grounded, clarify your truth, and better understand what needs your loving attention in yourself. Thank you for this course Dominic.”

– Tresa, North Carolina, USA