Dive-In 1 – Mindful Inquiry

Mindful Inquiry is the foundational Dive-In inquiry course. Learn how to dive in and explore the ocean of your inner world with the immediacy of mindfulness, and the active engagement of inquiry.

The course uniquely combines self-paced pre-recorded teachings, with the magic of live interaction. Find a warm and friendly curiosity about your personal truth, and the love of simply being yourself. Discover the five essential “diving moves” or skills to begin exploring your inner world.

What’s included?

Six on-demand teachings

View or repeat the six lessons whenever you like, with over seven hours of video. Each lesson has:

  • A guided meditation to start
  • Introduction to a new essential dynamic of the inquiry process 
  • The inquiry skill or key question to engage that dynamic
  • A practical exercise (and sometimes two) per lesson
  • An integration practice, to do between lessons to hone the skills you are learning.  

Five Dive-In Live Sessions

Five Dive-In Live sessions are included (each valued at £20), and you can book any available Dive-In Live once you’ve completed Lesson 2. Bring the exercises from lessons 2 to 6 to Dive-In Live to do with fellow learners, and put your questions to the teacher.

Dive-In Live takes place to begin on many Tuesdays from 18:00 to 20:15 (UK time), and we’ll be adding more times in due course. Each class is limited to 30 people initially.

Dive-In Live is also an ongoing support once you’ve completed the course.

Read more about Dive-In Live here

Based on the book Diving in the Inner Ocean

The course is based on parts of the book Diving in the Inner Ocean, and includes new material that is not in the book. Together with Dive-In Live, you have all the elements that you can’t get from a book: guided practice; a teacher for questions and guidance; inquiry with a diving buddy accompanying you; and learning how to buddy with someone else on their exploration. 

To get the most out of the course, we’ll recommend reading or listening to certain chapters of the book in preparation for some of the lessons. 

Find out more about the book here

per person

What you’ll get from this course

By combining in-depth teaching with live community and teacher interaction, this course offers you an effective and practical introduction to the practice of inquiry that includes:

1. Key concepts and orientation.
You’ll learn what inquiry is, and how it is different from and complementary to other inner practices ranging from meditation to coaching, journaling to therapy.

2. Experiential preparation and engagement.
You’ll discover how it feels to inquire, how to start bringing an attitude of friendly interest to your everyday experience, and what stops and limits that warm curiosity.

3. Practical techniques to build your capacity for inquiry.
You’ll learn how to cultivate a clear focus on your experience, a greater in-touchness with yourself, and a capacity to recognise and describe what emerges with precision.

4. Essential support.
You’ll have the practical support and guidance of an experienced inquiry teacher, and the chance to inquire with others.

5. Connection to a vibrant community.
You’ll be able to connect with others learning inquiry, from around the world.

Proven effectiveness

We asked previous course participants for a self-assessment of their inquiry skill before and after this course.

Self-reported improvement in inquiry skills, at all levels of experience

  • Beginners to inquiry who rated themselves 1 to 2 out of 10 at the start of the course, felt capable at the end, giving themselves an average of 5.5
  • Capable inquirers who rated themselves 5 to 6 at the start, improved all the way to an advanced score of nearly 8

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