Dive-In Live Inquiry Masterclass

Make a habit of your inquiry practice. With the support of community.

Dive-In Live is the regular inquiry class that you build into your routine, just like a gym, yoga or language class. There’s no commitment – come as often as you like.  You don’t have to have some special issue to bring. Just come for the love of the practice!

An inquiry masterclass. Everyone inquires in a triad with fellow explorers, and then an hour with a teacher, all in one unique class.

Our initial offer. Receive five classes (usually £20 each) by registering for the Dive-In 1 – Mindful Inquiry course for £100. The course itself is effectively for free.

Once you’ve done any Dive-In inquiry course, you’re welcome to book any available Dive-In Live for £20. All experience levels welcome. 

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Dive-In Live times

Dive-In Live is currently offered:

  • Most Tuesdays from 6pm to 8:15pm UK time (that’s 10am Pacific and 1pm Eastern if you’re in the US, except for a few weeks around March and November when the UK and US clocks change at different times).
  • Occasional Wednesdays from 6:30pm to 8:45pm US Pacific time.

Please check your local time. More class times will be added soon!

Here’s what it involves

  • A short guided practice and orientation
  • An inquiry exercise in groups of three in a breakout room
  • Almost an hour of inquiry masterclass with the teacher 

The inquiry experience

The breakout room is where the magic happens! Here you dive in to explore what’s emerging for you, and you accompany others as they do the same. Just like scuba diving, it’s enriching to go diving with buddies – exploring together and learning from each other.

The inquiry masterclass

After the breakout rooms, everyone gathers in the main meeting for nearly an hour with a teacher. Bring your questions about the practice or about your process, and engage in further exploration and inquiry with the direct guidance of a teacher.  

A home to grow your inquiry practice

Dive-In Live accompanies any Dive-In Inquiry course

If you’re doing a Dive-In Inquiry course, Dive-In Live is the place to do your exercises. The presence of other witnesses brings something profound to the experience. And you’ll learn as much from seeing other people inquire as from doing it yourself.

We’ll try to partner you up with any other people who are doing the same exercise from the same course. You can also choose to revise and redo the exercises of any lessons that you’ve done in the past.

An ongoing adventure, a connected community

The benefits of inquiry come with regular practice over an extended period of time. You’re opening up to a whole new world, and it doesn’t happen in a weekend or even a month or two. Becoming more connected with your truth in the many areas of life is an ongoing journey.

Practice on your own is important. And it’s tremendously supported by working with other inquirers and a teacher. Dive-In Live offers you both in a way that can be affordably built into a regular routine. Try coming weekly, or every other week.

Connect more deeply with the community as you get to know the people you inquire with. Put your questions to a teacher and get regular guidance on the ins and outs of the practice itself. 

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