Dive-In with Dom

Dive-In with Dom is a free monthly intro to inquiry hosted by Dom Liber. Newcomers can get a feel for the process of inquiry. Existing practitioners can discuss the nuances and deepen their practice.

Each session includes a brief introductory talk, a guided inquiry and a chance to ask questions, and it’s open to everyone.

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18:30 - 20:00 UK Time

About the Dive-In with Dom series

Each month has its own theme addressing a different element or nuance of inquiry. And you can be sure that each session will include:

Orientation – an introduction to inquiry that combines teaching of the basics with some live practice.

Guided inquiry – the opportunity to inquire yourself, and to witness others inquiring into what’s naturally emerging in their experience.

The first steps towards a profound life skill – support that will help you get to know and understand yourself better, discover the freedom and satisfaction of being more real and true, and learn how to explore your everyday life experience to find what’s truly needed to meet it.


The format

The free 90-minute session includes:

  • A short talk on a particular element of the practice.
  • Guided practice to explore this element and to begin your inquiry.
  • Space for questions and discussion.
  • The opportunity for participants to inquire live, with Dom’s support.
  • A chance to witness others as they explore their experience, and ask questions directly as they arise.


Upcoming dates in 2023

Be sure to diarise the following Wednesdays at 18:30 UK time:

  • 8 November.
  • 20 December.


Time zones

10:30am – US west coast (Los Angeles, SF)
1:30pm – US east coast (New York, Toronto)
6:30pm – UK and Portugal
7:30pm – Central Europe and South Africa

How to attend

We send a Zoom link in our newsletter to all mailing list subscribers about a week before each event.

If you aren’t yet on the list, and would like to attend the next Dive-In With Dom session, please subscribe using the button below.

“In simple and easy steps, Dominic invites us to befriend our experience and to gently explore it through to its underlying meanings, coming to depths we have not contemplated and places we have not known in us.”