June 2023 Meeting – Returning to the Surface

When we practice inquiry, we pause the action of life and dive in to our inner experience. 

We often start above the surface, with the actual circumstances or issues of our lives. And then we dive into our inner experience to see what’s arising within us. We discover the reactions and feelings, the ideas and meanings, the urges and impulses, and in time the very sense of what we are as we meet our situations. 

We do it all with friendly, open curiosity – not trying to change anything, but simply to discover the truth. This brings about a magical transformation and unfolding. And then, we absorb that newfound perspective or insight in some way. 

This process of integration was the topic of June’s Dive-In with Dom. In this session, we look at how to take the fruits of your deep diving from the depths of your inner world, back to the surface and out into your everyday life.

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