May 2023 Meeting – Mindfulness: Part 2

In January’s Dive-In with Dom, we began an exploration of mindfulness and inquiry.

We saw how both inquiry and mindfulness share the immediacy of awareness of your present experience. Contrasting the two practices, we found that inquiry adds something more – the understanding that comes from actively exploring and articulating your experience.

In this month’s session, we take that exploration of mindfulness deeper, and we’re joined by our first Dive-In guest, Gail Aylward – mindfulness, yoga and Diamond Approach teacher, and cofounder of the Moulin de Chaves meditation and retreat centre.

Deepening our exploration of inquiry and mindfulness

At the heart of inquiry is the ability to sense your body, to look and to listen. Becoming aware of the basic truth of what’s happening – right now – is the first step to exploring and understanding your experience.

It sounds like a simple instruction – to sense whatever is arising – and yet it’s a practice that can take a lifetime to master and integrate into your everyday life.

In this special session, Dom and Gail share their perspectives on how mindfulness and other meditation practices are an essential part of inquiry. They consider when to emphasise the content of your experience, and when it may be appropriate to ‘put down the content’ and simply be.

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