May 2024 Meeting – When is the Superego not the Superego?

The superego or inner critic is one of the main barriers to inquiry. It makes you feel bad about whatever you’re experiencing, and stops your inquiry in its tracks. It stops you entering your experience and learning.

But it is far from the only thing that can bring up difficult feelings! There are all sorts of inner experiences that you might encounter that have elements of, say, rejection or of the lack of value that might look at first glance a little like the superego. Many people end up lumping these all together and thinking that it’s all the inner critic.

This matters because recognising the presence of your superego, and bringing awareness to the fact that you’re under attack, will at some point draw out your inner aggression to defend yourself. This defence is an essential skill that every inquiry student needs to learn, because nothing stops you from experiencing the freedom of your inner world like the superego.

But this disengagement with your superego will not work with experience that is not the superego! It’s not what is needed. So there’s an art to spotting the difference between a superego attack that might need some defence, and other kinds of difficult experience that really need more inquiry.

So, in this teaching, we explore the difference between an attack of the superego or inner critic, and other kinds of inner deficiency, rejection or even aggression that can arise in your experience. This is an essential difference to recognise, because it will guide you on how to proceed in your inquiry. That recognition will guide you on how best to support the unfoldment of your experience. Dom shares some of the signature traits of the superego that help you spot a superego attack, and as always, you have the opportunity to explore this territory for yourself with a short exercise.

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