November 2023 Meeting – Barriers to Mindfulness

In our November session of the free monthly Dive-In with Dom we explored the relationship between mindfulness or meditation, and inquiry, and how inquiry can help with the issues that come up in meditation.

If meditation is your primary practice, and you’ve run into the typical barriers to stillness, then you’ll get a sense of how inquiry can profoundly and powerfully support you.

And for those whose primary practice is inquiry, you may struggle with meditation, or find that it’s a slog for one reason or another. You’ll discover how to use inquiry to transform your meditation practice.

The synergy between the two practices comes from the difference in relationship to the content that’s arising. Both mindfulness and inquiry emphasise the value and importance of awareness – of being in touch with whatever’s going on in your inner world. Inquiry usually encourages you to engage with the content of your experience, whereas mindfulness has a lighter touch, simply inviting compassionate awareness and a return to the basic condition of openness.

This exploration goes much deeper, with practical tips that you can use in your daily practice.

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