October 2022 Meeting – 3D Inquiry

In our monthly Dive-In with Dom sessions, we’ve been steadily working through the contents of the book Diving in the Inner Ocean – encountering what it means to get in touch with your experience, get clearer and dive deeper.

This month, we focused on 3D Inquiry – bringing together the three dimensions of mind/meaning, heart/feeling, belly/sensing. We can really only understand the rich tapestry of experience if we are including all of these dimensions.

Most people tend to have a dominant mode – perhaps more in tune with emotions, or stuck in your head, or leaping into action. Learn how to expand that focus and develop your capacity to Dive-In to all three dimensions of your experience.

This is a taster for the second module of the Dive-In Inquiry course that launches for the first time in November.

Feel free to navigate using the chapter markers in the video. 

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