The power of friendly interest

My thanks to all who joined October’s Dive-In with Dom, for their presence, questions and inquiries, which gave such rich learning for everyone.

We focused on the power of friendly interest to transform your inner world, with a short personal exploration of friendly interest. This is a fundamental quality that we’ll return to again and again. This kind, attuned, gentle and warm curiosity invites our inner world to open up and reveal its depths.

For those of you who missed it, here’s a short clip:

In their inquiries and discussion, our participants discovered that:

  • It really does make a difference taking the time to articulate your experience by writing or speaking it out loud.
  • When your inner critic is making you feel bad, it can help to make the critical message explicit and then see how it affects you to hear it.
  • At times the knack of inquiry is simply catching exactly what’s going on, right there as it’s happening. For example you might be sitting there thinking you have to work something out and feeling stuck, but you can notice that that is just the experience and simply land with that.

“The more we practice this friendly interest and see the ways that we block it and the reasons for doing so, the more the waters of our inner ocean begin to transform.”

Diving in the Inner Ocean, Chapter 3